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What is Purchasing Power ?

It’s expert resource that carries out world-class procurement tune-ups on businesses and develops solutions to issues that they might not be aware of..

What does that involve?

We work with your team to:

  • examine current supply arrangements, identifying risks and benchmarking key categories
  • analyse the supply and value chains
  • audit spend controls and authorization procedure
  • produce a diagnostic report, with recommended actions, prioritized implementation plan and quantified benefits

We at Purchasing Power  know that the quickest and least expensive way to raise profitability is to manage the flow of incoming goods and services more effectively.

Purchasing Power Principles

  • Cost is often misunderstood or hidden, and requires focus and diligence to find, analyse and quantify it.
  • Input costs must be put under at least the same downward pressure as your selling prices.
  • Procurement is a profit centre !
  • Supplier performance is a key determinant of cost and risk, and must be managed proactively.
  • Procurement policy and the procedures to execute it are essential.
  • Purchasing Power will always deliver net benefit.

Steven Day

Steve has spent many years working across the world in procurement. Initially with an engineering background he moved into procurement and contracting 20 years ago and served on BP’s senior leader team directing BP’s global environmental engineering spend.He has experience in transforming procurement teams, developing and executing sourcing strategies and negotiating with governments on major development projects. He prides himself on his ability to communicate across all levels of an organisation and is always striving to negotiate win-win deals.

Examples of Steve’s achievements and expertise:

  • Embedded procurement process into oil major (BP)
  • Led efficiency project for power company (Eon)
  • Developed consultancy strategy for mining co (Anglo American)

David Johns

David has a 30-year career in procurement, heading the function in businesses as diverse as telecoms, FMCG and waste management and providing consultancy and contracting services to clients in many industries, in both manufacturing and service sectors here and abroad.

He has worked with his own and clients’ teams, training and motivating them to use proven procurement tools and techniques to remove cost, manage risk and maximize supplier and supply-chain performance. This approach has delivered benefits which are both measurable and sustainable.

Examples of David’s achievements  and expertise:

  • As CPO at Shanks-Renewi, implemented category management to shrink supply base and yield savings up to 25%
  • Deployed new post-Deepwater Horizon procurement processes , adapting and fine-tuning with formalized feedback (BP upstream)
  • Good at selling procurement to sceptical stakeholders and energizing teams

Opportunity Analysis

This would be free of charge

Burning Platform

need to remove cost from business urgently!
Sourcing action proposal, with recommended prioritization and time frame

Implement Approved Actions

to deliver target savings and other benefits

Incremental Improvement

(measured efficiency gains) Other services as agreed (e.g. contracting, training, coaching,